University of Leicester – Annual Course Conference – May 8th – 11th, 2014

Published: 12:00 AM on June 08, 2014

The Annual Course Conference 2014 continues to enrich the tradition of effective delivery of the Postgraduate Programme in Media and Communication via Distance Learning (DL) with particular reference to students in Trinidad and Tobago and, by extension, the Caribbean over the last twelve (12) years and continuing. Given the merits of DL through the combined efforts of both the University of Leicester and SBCS to date, local students continue to study in their own time and pace in a manner that combines achieving a qualification while simultaneously fulfilling work and family commitments. The success rate, to date, on account of this collaboration is ample testimony of this distinct achievement.

On this basis, the programme continues to flourish for the professional development of local students who distinguish themselves as practitioners in the local print and broadcast media landscape, academics and media/communication policy-makers in both the private and public sectors. To this end, the local team of tutors concludes that the recent Annual Course Conference held at the University of Leicester succeeded in achieving the following outcomes:

• The lecture series and seminars presented by guest speakers and academics from the department were most enlightening.
• The face-to-face interactions with other tutors were very collegial and informative.
• The library services available for distance learning students especially online are very resourceful for both essay assignments and dissertation research.
• Opportunities to meet and interact with the academics, student alumni and colleagues from the course (sharing experiences, comparing interests, brainstorming dissertation ideas) were very rewarding.
• The brief experience of life on the UoL campus is much appreciated.
• Lastly, the interaction with DL support staff was most cordial and served to cement relationships between UoL and SBCS towards further collaborative efforts.

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