The University of Sunderland’s BABM Programme Committee Meeting

Published: 4:55 PM on November 28, 2016

 – A melting pot of ideas, views and suggestions from our valuable stakeholders.

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On Thursday, November 17 2016, SBCS’ Corporate Education Centre (CEC) held its Programme Committee Meeting for the University of Sunderland (UOS) BA (Hons) Business Management degree programme, at the Champs Fleurs campus.

Meetings as this form part of SBCS’ ongoing effort to continuously improve the quality of our qualifications, and the academic support provided to our students. In attendance were SBCS’ Executive Director Dr. Robin Maraj, Director Mrs. Vijaya Maraj and Assistant Manager of CEC, Mrs. Jane Paul-Williams along with administrative staff, lecturers and students. Administrative staff and lecturers from the San Fernando (SF) campus joined the meeting via video-conference, chaired by SF Campus Manager, Mrs. Terry Amirali-Rambharat.

The forum was rich with discussion, as participants spoke openly of their experiences thus far on the programme. From lecturers to students to the programme administrators, all attendees spoke shared on areas of success to be celebrated, and proposed suggestions for improvement in other areas for consideration. Of note, special commendation was made by both lecturers and students, of the sterling support provided by Ms. Diana Roberts (CEC); “… a true gem”, remarked one student.

Truly, the information disseminated at the meeting was beneficial and will be useful toward the continuous improvement of the programme.

The CEC UOS team expresses gratitude to all attendees for taking the time to be part of this interaction.

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