We Love Carnival: Event Recap | Champs Fleurs

Published: 11:03 AM on February 17, 2017

Dubbed “the SBCS Carnival Experience” our Champs Fleurs campus hosted its annual carnival extravaganza on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. This year’s event featured a number of novel elements that sought to suspend the rigors of studies, and engage the full-time students in attendance in fun ways. In order of execution:

  • Live Costume Creation: each team had 15 minutes to use the material presented to adorn their models with an original costume.

o   Winner: Team Trincity

o   2nd Place: Team Champs Fleurs

  • Match the Soca Song to the Soca Artiste: two contestants were each presented with a table of scrambled songs and the artistes who performed them. They had 5 minutes to correctly match as many pairings as they could.

o   Winner: Shane Katwaroo (HND Computing & Systems Development, CF)

  • Gatorade Drinking Competition: four participants were challenged to drink one (1) Gatorade as quickly as they could, without spilling a drop.

o   Winner: Kyle King (ABE Level 4 Diploma (BM), TR)

  • Guest Artiste Performances:

o   Droopy

o   M1 aka Menace – belted out a medley of his hits including “Trouble (When De Sun Rise)”, “Vicey”, and “Naughty”

  • Sing Your Heart Out: participants were invited to perform a Soca Song, either of their choosing or from the DJ’s selection.

o   Winner: Kellie-Ann Belle (ABE Level 4 Diploma (BM), CF) – “Technically” – Farmer Nappy & Destra

o   2nd Place: Edward Vitalis (HND Computing & Systems Development, CF) – “Budget” – Ravi B

o   3rd Place: Analisa Mc Guirk (ABE Level 4 Diploma (BM), CF)for her ‘featured’ appearance on both Kellyann’s and Edward’s performances.

  • Kellie-Ann also treated the audience to her debut performance of her original composition
  • Random Draw: Attendees were invited to enter their Student ID numbers in a draw for door prizes (random selection)


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