Students, Welcome Back!

Published: 8:00 AM on January 04, 2021

To our returning students, welcome back to SBCS GLI. And to those newly joining us, welcome to the SBCS GLI community.

2021 sees us continuing to navigate the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences. Yet, like so many others, we have made and continue to make plans to move forward.

We have already transitioned our tuition classes to online, as well as blended for those courses requiring the use of labs, and we will continue to refine our delivery via these modes to improve effectiveness and learner satisfaction. Our premises have been retrofitted with appropriate signage and sanitization measures to ensure that any visit (for labs, examinations) is a safe and secure one.

At SBCS GLI, we are committed to partnering with you to not only maintain health and safety standards but also sustain the academic excellence that has become a hallmark of the SBCS GLI experience. By working together and supporting one another, we will overcome the challenges that lie before us during this time of uncertainty.

Wishing you a safe and productive new year, and new academic term.

Welcome back!

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