Published: 8:45 AM on June 01, 2021

Stay in Touch | Non-Phone Communication Options

At SBCS we are increasingly making ourselves available for contact while our staff continue to work, for the most part, remotely. We appreciate that a phone call is the ideal port of connection with us for many of you, especially in these times. Of note though, we are currently experiencing exceptio…

Published: 11:16 AM on May 06, 2021

Graduation 2021 | Postponement of Graduation Portrait Photography

It is with an abundance of caution that we have decided to postpone our Portrait Graduation photography sessions that were scheduled to be held at our Champs Fleurs campus on 15th and 22nd May 2021.    We were looking forward to commemorating your achievements with you, but we do not want to risk …

Published: 12:01 PM on February 13, 2021

A Celebration of 34 years of Excellence

I am delighted to have the opportunity to communicate to you, our valued stakeholders, today on our 34th anniversary. Over the past three decades and four years, we have influenced and shaped the lives of many thousands of students, and nothing still equates to the joy that we feel on learning about…

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