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Published: 9:09 AM on December 09, 2016

Gone Too Soon

” … may her light never fade in the hearts and memories of those closest to her.” Robin R. Maraj, Executive Director

Published: 4:55 PM on November 28, 2016

The University of Sunderland’s BABM Programme Committee Meeting

 – A melting pot of ideas, views and suggestions from our valuable stakeholders. On Thursday, November 17 2016, SBCS’ Corporate Education Centre (CEC) held its Programme Committee Meeting for the University of Sunderland (UOS) BA (Hons) Business Management degree programme, at the Champs Fl…

Published: 11:40 AM on October 31, 2016

SBCS Trincity Campus goes PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness

Leave it to SBCS’ Design Campus to execute an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution to promote Breast Cancer Awareness; quite literally in this case, as the campus’ façade was bathed in Fuchsia Pink lights on Friday night (October 28, 2016).  The spectacle  punctuated a month-long campaign by SBCS to…

Published: 11:42 AM on November 22, 2016

Everyone’s Always Happy in a Great Workplace! Aren’t they?

by Carla Williams Commentary on 5 Myths of Great Workplaces HBR Article The following commentary is in relation to Myth 1: Everyone is incessantly happy. As this article alludes to, the notion of the happy employee may be inextricably tied to and intertwined with organisational deliverables of high …

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