Services at SBCS

Advisory & Admissions Centre (Registration)

The Advisory & Admissions Centre is responsible for the following activities:

  • Enrolment of students (registration)
  • Providing general information on courses
  • Providing career guidance to prospective students
  • Processing payment of SBCS fees
  • Processing of all GATE clearances and applications with assistance from the Course Administration units
  • Answering telephone enquiries

Corporate Education Centre (CEC)

(Registration for Heriot-Watt MBA, Sunderland BA, Leicester MA, London MSc.)

  • Enrolment of students (registration)
  • Providing information on specific courses
  • Processing payment of SBCS fees
  • Processing of all GATE clearances and applications
  • Preparation of letter requests
  • Answering telephone enquiries

Course Administration Units

Our Course Administration departments provide guidance and oversight on curriculum delivery, programme and unit changes, and other affiliated activities concerned with administrating the programmes under their charge.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Confirming and disseminating course timetables and material;
  • Assigning and evaluating programme faculty;
  • Disseminating programme details, including programme handbooks and fact sheets;
  • Communicating with foreign Awarding Bodies on programme and course updates, and student performance and progression;
  • Administrating student retention and guidance procedures, including monitoring student attendance and providing academic advice;
  • Examining (daily) class attendance, room assignments and suitability, online (Moodle) course uploads by lecturers,  and progress of lecture topics;
  • Efficiently and effectively attending to learner and lecturer programme queries.


Central Academic Administration (CAA) and Quality Assurance Unit(QA)

Central Academic Administration (CAA) and The Quality Assurance Unit (QA) form a vital part of our monitoring and compliance mechanism to ensure that our students are provided with excellent service.

The CAA unit facilitates the acquisition and dissemination of information pertinent to the academic operations of SBCS through one central point. It functions to coordinate academic activities that impact the course administration units at all campus locations. CAA also bears the overall responsibility for the enforcement of standards governing SBCS’ academic support services including faculty recruitment and development, student services and library services.

Course Administrator Units include:

ATEC – Accountancy Training and Education Centre is responsible for the administration of the ACCA and FIA programmes.

CCPP – Centre for Certified Professional Programmes is responsible for the administration of the ABE, CIPS and the BTEC HND Business (HRM, Marketing).

CEC – Corporate Education Centre is responsible for the administration and marketing of the majority of our postgraduate and distance learning programmes from the Heriot-Watt, Dundee, London, Leicester and Sunderland Universities.
CITE – Centre for Information Technology and Engineering is responsible for the following:

  • City & Guilds Engineering and Telecommunications programmes
  • B.Eng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Greenwich
  • BTEC HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Short Information Technology (IT) courses e.g. Computer Literacy, Microsoft, CISCO, Network+, A+, AutoCAD, Web, 3d, Java, etc.
  • BTEC HND in Construction & the Built Environment (Building Services Engineering)


CMS – Centre for Media Studies is responsible for the administration of the BTEC HND Creative Media Production and the BA Media programmes. Both programmes are offered only at the POS Campus.

CTC – Corporate Training Centre is responsible for all professional development courses and seminars, whether offered on-site or off-site. This unit also oversees the delivery of our Project Management programmes, including programmes approved by PMI®(The Project Management Institute), as well as tailored courses and seminars.

UOG – Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes is responsible for administration of all University of Greenwich programmes and BTEC HND Computing & Systems Development.

UOL – Centre for University of London Programmes (undergraduate programmes) is responsible for the administration of the BSc. & Diploma Computing and Information Systems, BSc. Information Systems and Management, BSc. Management, BSc. Banking and Finance and the ACCESS programmes from the University of London – London School of Economics (LSE), Goldsmiths, and Royal Holloway.

Course Administration Services at Port-of-Spain, San Fernando and Trincity Campuses

Multifunctional Course Administration Units are located at all of these campuses. These units are staffed by Course Administrators who work directly with our main Academic Units in Champs Fleurs.
Liaise with the relevant Course Administrator(s) at the location where your classes are being held, should you require supplemental information.

SBCS reserves the right to:

  • Cancel and or consolidate classes/courses in the event of low enrolment.
  • Amend the schedule for a course/programme, by either the addition or removal of classes, or any other action that may be deemed necessary by our Academic Administration, in order to ensure the proper delivery of our service. Changes may require you to attend classes on days or at venues other than originally noted on your timetable.

Student Services

The Student Services Department caters to students in need of information, advice, and guidance, or support regarding general non-academic inquiries. Our staff are trained to deal with a wide range of inquiries and are a key source of information on many of SBCS’ social and cultural activities.

Among the functions of the Student Services Department:

  • Coordinates procedures and activities to enhance the SBCS student experience, from orientation to alumni development;
  • Provides support for the resolution of student complaints and grievances;
  • Liaises with Course Administration units to provide career guidance, career exploration and job search tools;
  • Facilitates student development and welfare initiatives;
  • Initiates, coordinates and conducts recruitment programmes for students, in collaboration with external companies;
  • Provides immigration and enrolment guidance to international / CARICOM students;
  • Provides current information to students on sources of financial aid, counselling and academic support and social/cultural activities.


Library Services (Champs Fleurs, San Fernando, Trincity)

The main function of our libraries is to support the research, teaching and learning activities of the staff and students of SBCS. They achieve this through the provision of physical and online facilities that allow patrons to access required reference materials, both general and pertinent to their course of study. Our physical library spaces are outfitted with computers, printing facilities, and Wi-Fi access, while our online facility (EBSCO) affords off-site access to thousands of reference titles, at our patrons’ convenience.  

SBCS’ Library services complement the virtual research facilities granted to students by the foreign Awarding Body in charge of their programme

Book Distribution Centre (BDC) / MOS Testing Centre (Champs Fleurs Campus)

Services provided:

  • Ordering, stocking and distribution of text books, manuals and course materials for SBCS programmes.
  • Binding and Laminating Services.
  • Stationery items available for sale, inclusive of SBCS paraphernalia.
  • SBCS photocopy cards are sold and rebooted here. At the San Fernando Trincity Campuses, copy cards can be purchased from the Customer Service Representatives.

Computer Laboratories & Information Systems

Based on your programme of study, a computer may be available for use during lab hours. Consult with your Course Administrator and/or the Lab Supervisor for information regarding the scheduling and assignment of lab facilities. Alternatively, you can access internet facilities on your personal laptop with the use of an SBCS wireless account. This service is only available while on the compound and at the available hot spots. Consult with your Course Administrator for more information.

Engineering Laboratory Facilities

Availability of these labs (IT, Computer Repairs & Engineering) is based on your programme of study.

Cafeteria (Champs Fleurs, San Fernando and Trincity)

  • Our cafeterias are comfortable and spacious and offer a variety of beverages and food items in a variety of settings.
  • Vending machines are also available.
  • Photo copy cards can be purchased, but not rebooted, at the Champs Fleurs cafeteria.


Parking Facilities

Parking facilities are available at all campuses on a first come, first serve basis.

N.B. Indiscriminate parking by students and or visitors, that results in a blockage of the free flow of traffic or inconvenience to residents, is strictly prohibited.

At the Champs Fleurs Campus additional car-park facilities are available:

  • Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex – All day on Saturdays with shuttle service.

At the San Fernando Campus parking is available:

  • On the Ground Floor of the building, on a first-come, first serve basis. However, students are advised to park under the building after 9:00p.m. for their safety. Please note that an area of parking is reserved for staff.
  • At Memory Bank Compound as well as next to Memory Bank on Fran Street.

At the Trincity Campus parking is available:

  • On our compound
  • At the Dinsley /Trincity Government School at specific times and days. Please refer to the notice board at the campus for specific details.

Facility Management

Security Staff and rules are in place for the safety and protection of employees and students. Our I.D. Policy and similar regulations have been implemented to minimize the risk of unauthorized persons accessing/ using the facilities. The Facility Management Team is also responsible for the maintenance of all classrooms and ancillary spaces.

Central Academic Scheduling and Operations & Examinations

CASO’s primary focus revolves around timetabling, classroom resource management and examinations, through close collaboration with other non-academic units such as Facilities Management, Safety & Security, and Quality Assurance, to ensure the coordinated delivery of an optimal service experience to our customers, both internal and external.

Examination Unit is responsible for the administration of all examinations across campuses at SBCS.

Examinations are divided into the following categories:

  • Written Examination
  • ACCA/ FIA Computer Based Examinations
  • Computer Based Examinations (Pearson Vue, Prometric, AutoCAD, CASTLE, Kryterion, PAN, and PSI)

Further information can be found as follows:-

Marketing Management

Our Marketing Team is responsible for both internal and external marketing activities.

Accounting & Finance Management

This team is responsible for accounting matters, such as tuition payment plans for courses that are not GATE approved. Please contact a Customer Service Representative in General Administration for further information.

General Information

Award Ceremony
Students completing their Bachelors and Masters Degree programmes are able to celebrate their achievements at our annual Graduation Ceremony. This ceremony is held in April of each year and graduates include those who completed programmes in the previous year and by February of the current year. This is usually a stellar event.


Our classrooms are comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned. The following notices are posted in each classroom to guide students:

  • Emergency Procedure
  • Lecturer Late Notices

Lectures, Tutorials, Practicals

Lectures are the major method of teaching at SBCS. Students are advised to attend all lecture sessions. In lecture sessions students are encouraged to exchange ideas. Intellectual skills and discipline are developed with an ability to assimilate information quickly and work to meet deadlines.
Proper participation in classroom activities avails the student with “transportable skills” and an invaluable preparation for life after SBCS.

Study Areas

At the Champs Fleurs, San Fernando and Trincity Campuses, 24-hour study facilities are available to currently enrolled SBCS students. Students will not be allowed entry to SBCS after 11:00 p.m. or an earlier designated time. Students will only be allowed to exit the facilities after this time. Students will NOT be allowed access to our facilities without a valid student I.D. badge or a purchased temporary I.D badge. Please note that our 24-hour / 7 days a week policy is currently being reviewed.

Term & Vacation

SBCS is in a constant mode of operation as programmes are being facilitated throughout the year, with the exception of two weeks in December when the campuses are closed.