CARICOM/International Students

While you may meet the academic requirements for acceptance into your selected programme at SBCS, the Immigration Division of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is solely responsible for the granting of Student Permits. Without a Student Permit you will be unable to pursue studies at SBCS.

The Immigration Division does not issue Student Permits to students of private tertiary learning institutions prior to their arrival in Trinidad and Tobago. You are strongly advised to ensure that you are able to meet the criteria for a Student Permit before you travel to Trinidad and Tobago.

The Immigration Division’s criteria for issuing Student Permits include:

  1. Completion of the Student Permit Application Form and payment of the Application Fee.
  2. Letter of Acceptance from Institution indicating that you will pursue full-time studies.
  3. Receipt(s) indicating payment of tuition fees.
  4. Letter of responsibility and/or financial support – if staying with a relative or friend.
  5. Receipt(s) indicating payment of accommodation.
  6. Previous Student Permit (where applicable).
  7. Valid Return Ticket or Security Bond/Landing Deposit.
  8. Assessment Form – for returning students.
  9. Medical Examination – if remaining in Trinidad & Tobago for more than (1) year.
  10. Evidence of funds/financial support.

The Immigration Division may request that you submit additional information and documents.

The Immigration Division has provided further information on their website. Also available on the website are copies of the forms required by the Immigration Division, Ministry of National Security: