A New Chapter Begins … | September 2019 Cohorts Commence

Published: 1:17 PM on September 18, 2019

The staff of SBCS Global Learning Institute welcomed our new students as our September 2019 cohort got underway. Filled with excitement and anticipation, our new learners commenced what is for many of them their first experience in tertiary education. Learners across a number of our programmes at each of our campuses engaged in orientation exercises tailored to help them transition into the requirements and expectations of tertiary study. Featured among our cohort starts:

… among others; with many more to commence as the month of September progresses, and October draws near. (See upcoming schedules here)

From Day one, SBCS staff and Student Council representatives have been actively engaged in helping the new learners, particularly the full-timers, adjust to their “home away from home”. Campus tours and orientation sessions have all been employed to unveil the elements of SBCS’ dynamic teaching and learning environment.

We thank the learners of our new September 2019 cohorts for choosing SBCS to start their stories and wish them good luck.

As well, we look forward to welcoming those still to come as our September/October 2019 admissions continue.