SBCS Centre for Information Technology and Engineering Hosts Renewable Energy Seminar

Published: 12:00 AM on March 03, 2012

On Saturday March 3, SBCS Ltd hosted a seminar on Renewable Energy at its Champ Fleur campus. The seminar was attended by over 80 persons.

Opening remarks were given by the Executive Director, Dr Robin R. Maraj. The main presenters were Mr Ian Smart and Mr R. Ian Boon. Mr Smart is a graduate of the University of South Wales in Sydney Australia specializing in Photovoltaics (Solar Energy). His presentation focused on the different types of renewable energy, an energy profile of Trinidad & Tobago, the market for renewable energy as well as future applications.

Mr Boon has been involved in renewable energy since 1983 and has a wealth of experience in the field. He is the owner and manager of DC Power Systems Ltd which is responsible for the design, supply and installation of hundreds of Solar / Renewable Energy and Waste Heat Recovery systems, ranging from individual PV lighting units, to 5kW complete home systems, offshore Oil & Gas PV power systems and hotel hot water systems. Mr Boon’s presentation focused on past and future projects in Trinidad and Tobago and dealt with various issues pertaining to setting up systems for residential and commercial uses.

SBCS’ Centre for Information Technology and Engineering is launching its short courses in renewable energy in March 2012.  This includes an Introduction to Renewable Energy – A Practical Approach, Implementing Wind Power Systems for Residential Use, Implementing Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings, Implementing Photovoltaic Systems for Solar Power Generation.  A full schedule of courses is also available.



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