SBCS San Fernando Campus | Happy 13th Anniversary

Published: 3:53 PM on March 06, 2019

SBCS’ San Fernando campus commemorated 13 years of excellence in teaching and learning on February 20, 2019.

The third of our original quartet of sites, SBCS San Fernando has matured through the years to become the centre of excellence that it is today. Since it’s commissioning in 2006, the campus has grown in both offerings and outlook to boast an expansive array of courses in the areas of Engineering, Health & Safety, Procurement & Supply, Business and Computing.

As SBCS continues to evolve with the changing educational landscape, our San Fernando campus remains a vital element of our institutional identity. The campus, inclusive of staff, lecturers and students, offers its own flavour to the SBCS brand that is well-regarded and relevant to our ongoing journey. In this context, we look forward to the initiatives to be launched through and from our South campus in the coming period.

We thank all stakeholders for your support of the campus over the past 13 years, and as it forges a path into new and exciting avenues of education and training. 

Click here for sights from the campus’ anniversary celebration!


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