SBCS Supports Cancer Awareness Month

Published: 8:34 AM on October 07, 2016

JBF_BBB … They’re cute, aren’t they? Undeniably so!

These bears will soon adorn most of SBCS’ customer-facing areas/units. Yet, beyond their cuddly exterior and the ‘fuzzy feelings’ they evoke, each teddy bear stands as an icon for a worthy, more profound cause.

The Just Because Foundation’s (JBF) “Be Better Bears” are symbols of comfort, given to every child diagnosed with cancer and admitted to the JBF Paediatric Specialty Unit. This year, in support of Cancer Awareness Month, SBCS has procured some of these bears for display throughout our campuses – our contribution to the promotion of cancer awareness, and to lend support in the fight against the disease.

Of mention, JBF is a non-profit Paediatric Cancer Support Organization located in Trinidad, whose mission is to, “provide practical, social and emotional support for families of children with cancer … to raise awareness of the incidence, possible causes and treatment of Paediatric Cancer while promoting the overall health and well-being of children afflicted with this disease, with the intention of improving their quality of life.”

To find out more about them, or to purchase a bear for your personal tending, visit

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