What Makes Studying Accountancy Different at SBCS ?

Published: 12:00 AM on October 08, 2010

Creating Learners … Changing Lives


SBCS’ ATEC (Accountancy and Training Education Centre) has been offering the ACCA and CAT qualifications for over twenty three years and continues to contribute to the successful development of hundreds of accountancy students and graduates each year.


One of the main advantages of pursuing accountancy studies at SBCS is that you are provided with expert accountancy tuition in a diverse and exciting learning environment. At SBCS we have students studying a multitude of university and professional programmes in Information Technology, Banking, Human Resource Management, Marketing, International Business, Engineering, Media, Management and Graphics, to name a few.


Our unique education environment ensures that our accountancy students obtain a holistic learning experience.  Today’s organizations are crying out for well-rounded professional accountants, and that’s what we are hoping to produce at SBCS; well-rounded, innovative and ethically-minded professional accountants.




As a Gold Approved Learning Partner and an Approved Licensed Computer Based Exam Centre with ACCA, SBCS is recognized as a superior accountancy tuition provider, focused on providing graduates with qualifications that are both industry relevant and globally recognized. 


Students receive a high level of tuition support from our lecturers who are not only primarily ACCA & MBA qualified, but are also professionals in their respective fields of lecturing, with years of relevant working experience. 


Our focus is on producing graduates who are able to adapt and evolve in a constantly changing world of Accountancy and Finance, in a manner that would make both the ACCA and SBCS proud.


Commitment to Quality


Excellent service is the mantra of SBCS’ ATEC.  Students are provided with on-going administrative support such as academic advice, in-class reminders and notifications, and expeditious treatment of queries and concerns.  We also assist students with job placements and advice on writing appropriate résumés.  



Modern Facilities


Our state of the art buildings, well equipped classrooms, computer labs, library and study facilities ensure that our students are learning in a comfortable and secure environment, 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Students also enjoy free wireless internet access anywhere on our campuses.


All SBCS campuses are conveniently located at key transportation points; easily accessible from all directions.  Our campuses in Champs Fleurs, San Fernando, Port of Spain and Trincity are well manned by security officials and cameras, strategically placed around the premises, to ensure the protection of both students and staff.  


SBCS shares a close relationship with ICATT and looks forward to deepening this relationship in the years ahead.


We applaud ICATT for its sterling efforts directed towards satisfying the needs of all accountancy students and practising accountants in Trinidad and Tobago.



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