Our Services

SBCS Global Learning Institute provides support and advisory services to help students make the most of their experience at our campuses, and support them in dealing with any concerns they may have during and beyond their tenure with us.


Academic Advice & Admission Services

Whether you are considering joining one of our programmes, a current student, or graduate, our Advisory and Administrative Centres are your points of access to guidance and information on a range of academic and non-academic details.

These Centres provide advice and support services for all SBCS students, including career guidance, programme admissions, course queries and timetables, financial advice and professional upskilling.

  • Advisory and Admissions Centre is generally the first point of contact between SBCS and a potential student. This centre is responsible for the provision of general career guidance and course information, processing of fee payments and enrolment of students.
  • Accountancy Training and Education Centre (ATEC) is responsible for the administration of the ACCA, FIA and CISI programmes.
  • Centre for Certified Professional Programmes (CCPP) maintains oversight of the administration of the BTEC HNDs in Business and Computing, Matriculation (Foundation) to HND Computing and Diploma in Applied Business Studies programmes.
  • Centre for Media, Communication and Design (CMCD) bears the responsibility for our academic programmes in Graphic Design and Media: Diploma in Media & Graphic Design, BTEC HNDs in Art & Design, and Creative Media Production, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, along with BA (Hons) Media & Communication. This team also has oversight of the ABE and CIPS programmes, and short courses in Media and Graphic Design at SBCS.
  • Centre for Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) is responsible for the certificate, diploma, undergraduate and certification programmes in Engineering (Automotive, Building Services, Electrical, Mechanical) at SBCS. This team also manages the short Information Technology (IT) and technical Engineering courses.
  • Centre for University of Greenwich & London Programmes is responsible for the administration of University of Greenwich programmes and University of London programmes.
  • Corporate Education Centre (CEC) is responsible for the administration and marketing of the majority of our postgraduate and distance learning programmes from the Heriot-Watt and Sunderland Universities.
  • Corporate Training Centre (CTC) oversees all professional development courses and seminars, whether offered on-site or off-site. This unit also oversees the delivery of our Project Management programmes, including programmes approved by PMI® (The Project Management Institute), as well as tailored courses and seminars.

Academic Skills Development

Our academic skills centres and services are designed to help you improve your research and presentation skills, as well as assist in general professional development.

  • Lectures 

Lectures are the major method of teaching at SBCS. In lecture sessions, students are encouraged to exchange ideas. Intellectual skills and discipline are developed with an ability to assimilate information quickly and work to meet deadlines. Proper participation in classroom activities avails the student with transferable skills and invaluable preparation for life after SBCS.

In addition to our academic and professional qualifications, we also offer opportunities for our students and graduates to upskill and certify themselves through our range of short business and IT training courses. These programmes are administrated by our Corporate Training Centre.

The main function of our libraries is to support the research, teaching and learning activities of the staff and students of SBCS. They achieve this through the provision of physical and online facilities that allow patrons to access required reference materials, both general and pertinent to their course of study. Our physical library spaces are outfitted with computers, printing facilities and Wi-Fi access.

SBCS’ Library services complement the virtual research facilities granted to students by the foreign Awarding Body in charge of their programme.

Emotional & Employability Support

Our staff will provide you with guidance and information to help develop your career prospects, as well as support any emotional or counselling concerns that you may have.

The Student Services Department caters to students in need of information, advice and guidance, or support regarding general non-academic enquiries. Our staff are trained to deal with a wide range of enquiries and are a key source of information on many of SBCS’ social and cultural activities.

The Student Services unit, through affiliations with a number of local organisations in industry, grants opportunities to our undergraduate students to pursue internship/apprenticeship experiences. The Internship / Apprenticeship Programme is designed to help SBCS students gain valuable experience with companies, aligned to our qualification offerings. The students would be able to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom and from readings, to an operating business.

Campus-wide (non-academic) Administration

Across our campuses, teams of administrators spare no effort to ensure the consistent provision of quality academic and non-academic support services and resources. 

  • Central Academic Administration (CAA) and Quality Assurance Unit (QA)

Central Academic Administration (CAA) and The Quality Assurance Unit (QA) form a vital part of our monitoring and compliance mechanism to ensure that our students are provided with excellent service. The CAA unit facilitates the acquisition and dissemination of information pertinent to the academic operations of SBCS through one central point. It functions to coordinate academic activities that impact the course administration units at all campus locations. CAA also bears the overall responsibility for the enforcement of standards governing SBCS’ academic support services including faculty recruitment and development, student services and library services.

Our Quality Assurance department seeks to provide a framework for continuous improvement, ensuring that as the institution grows in terms of programmes, facilities and human resources, it can also scale in terms of quality. We have a facilitative role and not a prescriptive one, enabling the various departments to be able in a logical, formal manner, to examine, document, modify and continuously improve its processes in a “best practices” manner, with mechanisms derived from direct experience and interaction with the changing environment.

  • Central Academic Scheduling and Operations and Examinations (CASO)

CASO’s primary focus revolves around timetabling, classroom resource management and examinations, through close collaboration with other non-academic units such as Facilities Management, Safety & Security and Quality Assurance, to ensure the coordinated delivery of optimal service to our customers, both internal and external.

  • Examination Unit

The Examination Unit is responsible for the administration of all examinations across campuses at SBCS.

Examinations are divided into the following categories: Written Examination; ACCA/ FIA Computer Based Examinations; Computer Based Examinations (Pearson Vue, Prometric, AutoCAD, CASTLE, Kryterion, PAN and PSI)

Further information can be found as follows:

Champs Fleurs Testing Centre

Prometric Testing Centre (Trincity Campus) 

ACCA Testing Centre 

  •  Book Distribution Centre (BDC) / PROMETRIC / VUE / MOS Testing Centre (Champs Fleurs Campus)

This centre is responsible for the ordering, stocking and distribution of textbooks, manuals and course materials for SBCS programmes. Binding, laminating and photocopy services are also accommodated here. The unit also hosts some of the online examinations administrated by the Examination Unit, including MOS Certification and Pearson VUE

Research, Recreation & Refectory Services

  • Study Areas & Classrooms

Our classrooms are comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned. Each is equipped with a whiteboard and A/V capabilities to facilitate interactive and immersive learning experiences.

At the Champs Fleurs and San Fernando campuses, 24-hour study facilities are available. The Trincity campus provides study facilities during the operating hours of the campus. 


These facilities are available to currently enrolled SBCS students; you will not be allowed to access our facilities without a valid student ID badge or a purchased temporary ID badge.

Upon your arrival, enrolled students are asked to review the E-boards for details on designated study timelines. For those of you who wish to study overnight at SBCS, you will NOT be allowed entry to any SBCS campus after 10:00 p.m.

SBCS is in a constant mode of operation as programmes are facilitated throughout the year, with the exception of two weeks in December when the campuses are closed. You are advised that once your programme has ended and your registration period with SBCS has expired, you would no longer be able to access the facilities.

  • Computer Laboratories & Information Systems

Based on your programme of study, a computer may be available for use during lab hours. Consult with your Course Administrator and/or the Lab Supervisor for information regarding the scheduling and assignment of lab facilities. Alternatively, you can access internet facilities on your personal laptop with the use of an SBCS wireless account. This service is only available while on the compound and at the available hot spots.

  • Engineering Laboratory Facilities

The availability of these labs (IT, Computer Repairs & Engineering) is based on your programme of study.

  • Cafeteria 

Our cafeterias are comfortable and spacious and offer a variety of beverages and food items in a variety of settings. Vending machines are also available.

  • Facility Management

Security Staff and rules are in place for the safety and protection of employees and students. Our I.D. Policy and similar regulations have been implemented to minimize the risk of unauthorized persons accessing/ using the facilities. The Facility Management Team is also responsible for the maintenance of all classrooms and ancillary spaces.

  • Parking Facilities

Parking facilities are available on the compound of all campuses on a first-come, first-serve basis.

N.B. Indiscriminate parking by students and or visitors, that results in a blockage of the free flow of traffic or inconvenience to residents, is strictly prohibited.