RECAP: SBCS hosts Mental Health & Well-being Seminar

Published: 12:46 PM on February 11, 2019

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SBCS’ Centre for University of Greenwich programmes campus hosted an HSE seminar on the interconnectedness of mental health and well-being. HSE practitioners from various industries gathered for the event, held on January 24, 2019 at our CHamps Fleurs campus, which was jointly presented by visiting academic from the University of Greenwich (UK), Dr David Thomas, Academic Portfolio Lead for Health and Safety programmes and Mr Jason Maitland, Chair of the IOSH Caribbean Branch and Corporate HSSE Manager at Massy Wood.

Mr Maitland was first to present, and his presentation centered on ways of promoting well-being in the workplace. He offered five suggestions which included: the importance of connecting with others; giving of your time, words and presence; taking notice of the simple things that give you joy; embracing new opportunities; and being active. His presentation also elaborated on the connection between poor mental health and productivity. Suggestions were offered on how managers and leaders can nurture well-being at the workplace, in addition to, the benefits derived from its practice.

Dr Thomas took the second segment, with his presentation taking a slightly different angle. He started with a comparison between the cost resulting from ill health and the cost resulting from injury in the UK. This was proceeded by a look into the work and views of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) on well-being and mental health. Here, Dr Thomas described their five domains of well-being model, highlighting overlapping elements with the domain of Health and Safety Management Standards, especially within the field of work-related Stress. He later concluded his presentation with his position that the HSE professional may be in the best position to champion wellbeing in the workplace.

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