Dear Alumni,

SBCS is happy to post this announcement regarding the SBCS Alumni Card which was launched at our 2013 Graduation Ceremony. Congratulations to all our proud graduates of the prestigious universities or professional associations affiliated with SBCS. Together, you comprise a group of thousands of SBCS Alumni who have succeeded at achieving their higher education goals. As an alumnus of SBCS you are entitled to a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Special discounts on courses offered by our Corporate Training Centre and our Centre for Information Technology and Engineering
  • Special Alumni continuing education courses at no cost
  • Employment referral service
  • Career Guidance service

To learn more about the benefits of being an alumnus of SBCS please contact us at While participants in the 2013 Graduation Ceremony have already received their SBCS Alumni Card, we now invite all our previous graduates to apply. Simply fill out the on-line application form and we will work quickly to issue your Alumni Card. Wishing you continued success in your academic and professional endeavours. Yours respectfully, Dr. Robin R. Maraj Executive Director.


The registration form is for ALUMNI only. If you are a Prospective Student and would like to request enrolment information, please contact us via this link.