Course Brief

This module is designed for you to gain an understanding of the ways in which data can be processed and the applications that support organisations.

  • This course is offered in 42 hours
  •     Identify information needs within different functional areas of an organisation
  •     Compare a range of information systems
  •     Examine the tools available to organisations for information processing
  •     Evaluate the information systems within an organisation
  • Bridging Programme: Matriculation to BSc Occupational Safety, Health & Environment

    Do you possess one of the following:

    • UWI Two year Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Management
    • Cipriani College Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health
    • Cipriani College Diploma in Environmental Management
    • Any other Diploma in Science or Engineering field of study

    If so, you may be eligible for the Matriculation to the BSc Occupational Safety, Health and Environment bridging programme (Mat. to BSc OSHE).

    This programme is four months in duration and is delivered via a blended approach consisting of both online and classroom sessions.

    Applicants with non HSE Diplomas or Associate Degrees may also be required to pursue the Fundamentals to Health, Safety and Environment bridging programme (FHSE). Both programmes can be pursued simultaneously. The FHSE bridging programme is delivered entirely online, no classroom sessions are required.

    Upon completion of the Matriculation to BSc OSHE bridging programme, applicants can enroll on to the University of Greenwich BSc Occupational Safety, Health and Environment undergraduate degree programme (BSc OSHE).

    The BSc OSHE programme is fully accredited by IOSH and holders of this qualification can apply for Graduate Membership with IOSH.

    If you are uncertain about your eligibility email us at or call us directly at 663-7227 ext 1250 - 1256