Course Brief

The Course The contents of this course fall essentially into two parts.  The first part is with general aspects of health and safety management, such as its organisation, its application and its relationship to the management of other aspects of an organisation.  Whilst the second part discussed the actual management of risk itself, the techniques, training and organisational requirements to do this effectively.  The two parts together form a total system for the proper and effective management of health and safety.

Aims and Objectives

  • Explore, evaluate and build on the existing theory and practice associated with physical agents found in the workplace;
  • Introduce and develop an appreciation and understanding of risk that the different types of physical agents can present to workers and other people affected by them;
  • Develop a framework for rational decision making in managing physical agents in the workplace;
  • Develop skills and decision making when presented with harmful physical agents in the workplace.

  • This course is offered in 0 hours

This course is supported by:

  • A study guide divided into sections for sequential study, these sections provide details of reading references and self-assessment questions.
  • Supporting course textbooks.
  • Additional recommended texts are listed in each chapter of the study guide. Students are also provided with additional details and materials at the study schools.

This course comprises two (2) assessments.

  • MSc. Safety, Health, Environment or Occupational Hygiene

    Occupational safety and health aims to prevent accidents, ill-health and other losses arising from work and work related activities. The last few years have also seen safety professionals becoming increasingly responsible for environmental issues and, with current concern about climate change, this responsibility will almost certainly grow. As the field continues to grow, so will the need for professionals with graduate and post-graduate qualifications.

    This HSE postgraduate programme delivered by lecturers at SBCS, with industry expertise, and awarded by the University of Greenwich, is currently the only post-graduate programme offered locally that is accredited by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). It covers all aspects of occupational safety, health and environment. Significant emphasis is placed on learning and research. One of the first courses that students take is Critical Thinking, which provides them with the skills necessary to take full advantage of their studies.

    Graduates will be eligible to apply for graduate membership from IOSH.

    At SBCS we focus on -

    • Producing graduates who are capable of thinking critically, creatively and ethically.
    • Graduates who are team players with the ability to communicate persuasively.

    Highlights at a glance -