Programme Brief

Gain an Industry-driven, Internationally recognised Procurement and Supply Qualification!

The Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply consists of three compulsory units. Additionally you must choose two optional units from a choice of three.

This Level focuses on cost reduction and added value of purchases and supplies, improving timescales and stock control, management and innovation in the procurement and supply process, and developing legal and risk management expertise.

  • Each level of the CIPS programme can be completed in one year.
  • Champs Fleurs, San Fernando
  • Foundation Diploma in Purchasing and Supply
  • Diploma in Procurement and Supply


The Diploma in Procurement and Supply is 100% GATE approved and the GATE Application process is now available online via TTconnect.

The Government subsidises the full cost of tuition fees. Students wanting to subscribe for funding must fulfill the entry requirements of the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Skills and Training (MTEST).

*Please note in order for nationals to apply for GATE, you must bring your original Birth Certificate, National ID or Passport. Government assistance through the GATE programme only applies to tuition fees.

Repeat Policy:

Students are not entitled to any additional GATE funding to repeat papers within the ABE Programme.

Repeaters are offered a discounted fee, either at the start or during the semester.

New Students

In order to register, you must first proceed to the Centre for Certified Professional Programmes (CCPP) Department for verification of your entry qualifications before any payments or registration can be done. You must provide evidence of your entry qualifications by presenting:

  • Original certificates along with 2 copies.
  • A Job Letter (mature entry route) and original CXC Certificates or any other academic qualifications.

If your entry qualifications are satisfactory you would then be issued the following forms when registering:

  • GATE Acceptance Letter
  • Student Enrollment Ticket

To complete your registration process you would then be directed to our Advisory and Admissions Centre where you will be given the following form to complete:

  • SBCS Registration Form (for registration with SBCS)


Continuing Students

Proof of previous papers attempted, which were funded by GATE must be shown upon registration.

Email: for more details.


Programme Content

The course is offered in the following semesters on part-time/Saturdays:

  • January to May
  • June to November

The learner must successfully complete five (5) units to achieve the Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply.