Programme Brief

Earn employable skills with CompTIA's CySA+ certification.  This is a vendor neutral certification and includes intermediate-level security skills and knowledge.  CySA+ covers security analytics, intrusion detection and response.  It is the most up-to-date security analyst credential that covers persistent threats in today’s cybersecurity environment.

Topics include:

  • Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Security Architecture and Toolsets

The duration of this course is ? hours.

How to Get into Cybersecurity
The CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway helps IT pros achieve cybersecurity mastery, from beginning to end.

CompTIA Security+ certification: establishes the core knowledge required of any cybersecurity role and provides a springboard to intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs.

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+): assesses the skills needed to apply behavioral analytics to networks to improve the overall state of IT security.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+): IT pros pursue this certification to prove their mastery of cybersecurity skills required at the 5- to 10-year experience level.  CASP is the pinnacle of cybersecurity certifications and includes performance-based questions.

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Why Study Cybersecurity with SBCS?

  • Instructors are certified and experienced practitioners who bring their knowledge and work experience to the classroom.
  • This course is career oriented and increases employability of participants. The curriculum was developed to meet the needs of the current marketplace.
  • The course is practical. All sessions are held in a lab and each participant has access to a computer.
  • Modern, fully equipped labs. You learn using the same hardware and software that you will encounter in the field.
  • Convenient class schedules. Classes are offered part-time and Saturdays. This allows working individuals to balance their work and educational needs.
  • Sufficient contact hours to cover the full syllabus and prepare participants for the CompTIA exam.
  • CompTIA exams can be written at your convenience at our Champs Fleurs campus through our testing center.


Champs Fleurs

Start DateEnd DateDaysTimeCash Price
31-Oct-2012-Dec-20Sat9:00am - 4:00pm$4,500


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