Programme Brief

This course enables participants to demonstrate an understanding of how technology has influenced the development of marketing and its evolution into a field now referred to as Digital Marketing. Participants will develop their understanding of the elements of digital marketing and the impact of it on traditional marketing models and strategies. The course takes participants through the steps of developing a digital marketing plan for their own organization.
Participants are exposed to web-based marketing tools with the view of incorporating new media into traditional media and marketing planning.

An e-certificate will be issued at the end.

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  1. Understand the impact of technology on the traditional marketing mix
  2. Understand how they can use digital marketing to increase sales and grow their business
  3. Understand the basics of the digital marketing tool kit
  4. Become familiar with the elements of the digital marketing plan
  5. Understand how to reach their online target market and develop basic digital marketing objectives


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"Every session I get a clearer understanding of digital marketing tools and strategies to enhance business."

-- K. McSween

"The class was very informative, interactive and interesting. Everything was explained in detail ... Enjoyable sessions. A lot was learnt over the past weeks to now help in creating my own strategy. The assignments were also helpful in learning how to apply the techniques learnt."

-- R. Simon-Thompson

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ONLINE14-Sep-202-Nov-20Mon5:30pm – 8:30pmUS$295/$1,925.00


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