Programme Brief

ONLINE - Project Management for Business Professionals is an introductory course to the world of project management. Learners will be introduced to the key concepts, principles and methods for managing projects effectively. The project life cycle and the project management processes will be discussed and project management techniques applied to classroom activities. At the end of this introductory course learners will achieve the necessary knowledge and skills to manage a small project within an organizational context.

An e-certificate will be issued at the end.

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  1. Explain the project selection process:
    a. Discuss the relationship between the project objectives and the business strategy.
    b. Describe the necessary skills and competencies of a project manager.
  2. Initiate the project:
    a. Evaluate the organization’s environment and culture on the project deliverables.
    b. Identify key stakeholders and obtain approval for the project.
  3. Plan the project:
    a. Obtain stakeholders requirements, prepare a project scope statement and work breakdown structure.
    b. Define project activities and identify the project’s critical path.
    c. Determine quality requirements for the project.
    d. Evaluate project risks and select appropriate risk response strategies.
    e. Estimate project cost and prepare a budget for the project.
    f. Select the most appropriate organization to implement the project and prepare a communication plan.
    g. Select the most appropriate contract type for outsourced activities.
  4. Monitor, Control and Execute the project:
    a. Identify techniques for effective project monitoring and control.
    b. Discuss the main focus of the project manager during the execution phase of the project.
  5. Close off the project:
    a. Identify key activities to effectively close off the project.




"These sessions have been amazing. I learned so much more than I anticipated. I have no regrets as well as no fear moving forward because of the great foundation you helped me build for myself. I am very grateful for that and I can’t thank you well as having such great classmates."

-- R. Dookeran

"Thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. It is amazing that so much bonding and connection can be done over this cold medium. The lecturer was exceptionally skilled at engaging us, and drawing us out of our shells, and making us comfortable enough to share our thoughts and answers; right or wrong. Would definitely recommend this class to others who are looking to enter the field of Project Management."

-- M. DeLeon

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Online5-Aug-2023-Sep-20Wednesdays (5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.) US$295.00/TT$1,925.00


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