Programmes of Study


Accounting and Finance professionals are highly regarded throughout the business world. These professionals are responsible for designing, developing, maintaining and enhancing the financial systems of organizations. They are also involved in other areas such as taxation, auditing and management accounting. These professionals are in demand globally, and this demand will only increase in the foreseeable future.


Business Communication / Languages

In spite of, and often because of the enormous strides in technology, the importance of effective communication has never been more essential to business. As markets constantly expand, this brings with it increased complexity. In order to benefit from this complexity and to mitigate its negative effects, human communication must be at its pinnacle in efficiency and effectiveness.

Business Management

It is often said that management is the activity that entails achieving one’s objectives by utilizing the skills and talents of other individuals. In reality, management is in fact a team activity. Managers are the drivers of organizations, they provide the leadership, vision and ultimately the spirit which moves an organization forward. A good manager must be able to combine all the technical areas of management (Accounting, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing etc.) with strong people skills in order to ensure that the organization is able to achieve its objectives.

Computer Applications

As computers penetrate further into the realm of business, many activities which were previously manual have become fully or partially automated. An expert in any of these activities is not considered to have complete mastery unless he or she is intimately familiar with the computer applications relevant to his or her field of expertise.


Engineers are responsible for building, developing and maintaining the infrastructure of our world. Engineers are in demand the world over as countries irrespective of size seek to build and or improve their physical infrastructure. Engineers and engineering technicians find employment in a multitude of areas, as wherever human civilization exists, they are in demand.

Entrepreneurship Development Courses

Entrepreneurship Series


General Management, Customer Service & Team Building Skills

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative process which involves various methods of combining words, symbols and images to create a visual representation of ideas. It combines technical skill with creative instincts in order to innovatively communicate ideas to an intended audience. There is an increasing demand for professionals in this field.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety professionals are now a constant in the majority of today’s modern organizations. These professionals inter alia ensure that the working environment is safe and suitable for both employees and customers. The area of health and safety is of even more importance to those in the manufacturing and oil and gas sectors, where small lapses in judgment can have serious repercussions for both the organization, its staff, its customers and in some cases surrounding communities and countries.

Health, Safety & Security Training

Human Resource Management

An organization’s greatest resource is its people. Consequently, one of the most important management positions is the HR Manager. This individual ensures that the organization creates and fosters the best environment for productive work to take place such that the organization not only attracts but also retains high quality members of staff. HR professionals are in demand the world over and there are signs that this demand will increase in the foreseeable future.

Human Resource Management & Trainer Development

Information Technology

Information technology professionals are in high demand throughout the world. These individuals are responsible for designing, developing, maintaining and enhancing the Information Systems of organisations. Each day new careers are created for IT professionals, so if you enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of working with cutting-edge, dynamic technology, then an IT career would be well suited for you.

International Foundation Programme

IT Short

Management Information Systems

Information Systems are not only a driver of business but has also become the cost of doing business. Without the effective management of its information resources, the modern company simply cannot compete. This calls for individuals possessing a unique combination of technical skill and a keen understanding of the processes that underlie business.


In today’s extraordinarily competitive environment, organizations seek out and generously reward those individuals who are able to guide them in the development and marketing of their products and/or services. An organization might possess a better product than its competitors but may not reap the rewards if they fail to market it effectively. Marketing professionals play a role inter alia in pricing, promotion, packaging, and distribution of the product and/or service.

Marketing & Public Relations


The media is one of the most powerful industries in today’s world. Modern Media is multi-faceted and includes film, radio, television, print and the World Wide Web. Media professionals are in demand globally, both in media houses and traditional organizations. Many Media professionals are now employed by non media organizations as Communications specialists; in effect these individuals become the voice of the organization. This area is one that suits individuals with strong communications and people skills.


Subject area for all courses offered via a virtual classroom


Procurement and Supply

Over the last few years, the areas of logistics, purchasing and supply have received a lot of attention and rightly so. For many organizations purchasing can run into the hundreds of millions and consequently requires trained professionals. Ensuring that an organization has the right stock of raw material or finished products at any time without overstocking, is more than just an art, it is now also a science. The efficient distribution of products to customers in cost effective manner is a complex activity in today’s world where organizations are not resident in any one country.

Project Management

Project management is the disciplined planning, organisation and management of resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Modern organisations are under tremendous pressures both internally and from external competition, to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Effective project management can quite literally mean the difference between success and failure.

Purchasing & Supply Management

Risk Management

A disciplined approach to understanding risk has become increasingly essential for modern organisations. This is true at all levels, whether operational, tactical or strategic. This need will only increase in the future as environments become more complex and the need for compliance with regulatory bodies becomes more commonplace. A familiarity of the various standards and the ability to ensure conformance, while at the same time ensuring competitive advantage will make risk management all the more essential.


In any workplace, there are always threats and risks. Successful organizations are those that can identify, quantify and mitigate those risks. In today’s world, where there are threats of increased crime and global terrorism, consequently it is even more essential that these risks are managed. Consequently, security and risk professionals are in great demand the world over. Professionals in this area are responsible for protecting the organization’s resources, both physical and human from threats, both internal and external.


Soft Skills

Strategic Planning

Summer Programmes

Supervisory Management Training

Training and Development

In modern times it is a grave mistake to believe that one’s formal education will be sufficient to enable excellence at the workplace. Lifelong learning is becoming an integral part of doing business. Thus, modern corporations need to have a strategy of training and development in order to be more responsive and proactive to the dynamic business environment.