Course Brief

Aim This unit develops an understanding of the elements of control systems, AC networks and the skills needed to determine heat energy transfer rates, energy losses and effects of sound and vibration. Unit abstract This unit will develop learners' understanding of the scientific principles and concepts used in a wide range of building services engineering applications and it provides a basis for studying the more specialised building service applications. Learners will explore the fundamental principles of heat transfer, fluid flow, acoustics, electrical networks and controls systems. Learners will investigate the principles that underpin heat transfer modes and transmission through insulated surfaces and will apply these principles in a building services engineering context. Learners will explore the various forms of fluid flow and determine energy losses in fluid flow systems. Learners will also explore the effects of sound and vibration, such as the consequences of sound power generated by elements of building services, and will further develop their understanding of the performance of electrical networks and control systems.