Course Brief

Aim This unit provides learners with the opportunity to develop an understanding of trigonometric functions and the skills needed to apply advanced mathematical techniques to solve complex engineering problems. Unit abstract This unit will enhance learners' capabilities in respect of trigonometry, algebra, calculus and statistics. Trigonometric functions are explored largely as a foundation for their application to the understanding of waves. Additional techniques, including matrices and numerical methods, are introduced so learners are able to solve linear and non-linear algebraic equations. Skills in the correct use and application of calculus are enhanced by introducing learners to partial differentiation and the application and solution of differential equations. This is developed by exploring the techniques used in integration, and the application of these techniques to the calculation of areas and volumes. Learners will develop skills in data gathering and analysis by considering the common forms of distribution. Learners will also gain an understanding of how mathematics is used to communicate results and support decision making.

  • This course is offered in 48 hours