Course Brief

This unit will enable learners to explore and work to a commissioned brief within the digital environment.   The digital environment has extended the scope of art, design and media practice within commercial and contemporary settings. Practitioners working in digital environments include designers and illustrators working on web-based applications, graphic communications and interactive products and artists exploring the potential offered by digital media. The digital environment also offers potential for practitioners to consider how they can use virtual scenarios or mass communication platforms to highlight their work.   In this unit learners can experiment with sourced or imposed imagery and change or add meaning to what might appear random choices. Sources of imagery are numerous, and should be determined by the scope of the commissioned brief. The management, both creative and practical, of a number of images in a variety of formats is challenging. Learners should manage the creative process from inception to completion, and present a completed outcome to a client. Learners may also reflect on their use of digital software, hardware and techniques employed in meeting the brief.

  • This course is offered in 60 hours

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

  1. Be able to evaluate industry standard software packages for a specified brief
  2. Be able to produce experimental work in the digital environment
  3. Be able to use the digital environment to assist in completing a commission
  4. Understand own use of industry-standard software packages.