Course Brief

The aim of this unit is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to understand, design, query and implement database systems. An understanding of database tools and technologies is key to many of today's industries. Database systems are predominant in the world of IT, and continue to demand more complex data structures and interface, as applications get increasingly sophisticated. Databases provide the infrastructure to many organisations, and they offer support to key business applications and information systems. The most common database model used commercially is the relational one. The aim of this unit is to provide a knowledge and understanding of database systems including design principles, practical implementation and development skills for both the system designer and software engineer. The importance of structured query languages should be stressed, in terms of how they can be used to manipulate data and how they are used for a variety of tasks including querying and report writing. On completion of this unit the student should be able to understand, design, query and implement a database(s). Students will also have a theoretical insight into the requirement for designing a database that meets a given user or system requirement and that is functional, user-friendly and robust.

  • This course is offered in 50 hours