Course Brief

The aims of this course are to introduce database concepts and the use of relational database systems. This module by contrast emphasises implementation issues of relational database systems, and provides an insight into some of the recent developments in database technology.

  • This course is offered in 90 hours

On completing this course successfully you will be able to:

Critically evaluate the concepts and tools of the relational database management system.

Investigate and analyse the data requirements for a database system design.

Manipulate data and database objects through the use of SQL.

Design and build a database management system that satisfies relational theory and provides users with business queries, business forms, and business reports.

Basic relational database concepts; Use normalisation to design database tables; Reporting and querying data; Restricting, sorting, and grouping data; Understanding Oracle database functions; Transactional processing; Creating database objects; Server side coding: stored procedures and functions, database triggers; Error processing and troubleshooting; Main concepts of building user interface using APEX.

Practical – 50% – Practical development of a database application and supporting documentation.
Examination – 50%