Course Brief

The dissertation represents the pinnacle of individual achievement on the programme. It is a sophisticated way for students to demonstrate their abilities and the levels of comprehension and understanding that they have achieved. The preparation of a dissertation enables students to use a range of skills that have been developed throughout the programme:for example, the skills of enterprise and initiative required for thorough investigation and research into a chosen topic; the motivation and time management skills necessary to produce a substantive and organised piece of written work; and the ability to synthesise and integrate complex information.

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Plan and execute a work-based or independent research project.
2. Demonstrate their personal initiative and independent thought processes.
3. Investigate, collect and analyse a range of data, evidence and observations.
4. Communicate effectively in a sound scientific, technical and professional manner.
5. Demonstrate organisational and time management skills by following through a programme of work within a prescribed timetable.
6. Demonstrate the ability to function in a multidisciplinary field through the integration of the knowledge, skills and competence required in the occupational environment, health and safety profession.
7. Reflect on their learning as it emerges from the project or dissertation and comment on its contribution to practice.
8. Appreciate the issues of research and professional ethics as it relates to the project undertaken taking into account professional or organisational codes of conduct.

The role of research, research design and styles of research. Development of research questions and hypothesis and hypothesis testing. Use of comparative material, types of observation, the role of the researcher and the nature and the validity of the evidence. Comparison of scientific and social scientific research methods. Survey design and application. Use of databases and information. Reflective practice and continuing professional development. Professional ethics and codes of conduct.

Students will be provided with extensive guidance material including support texts on how to develop a research topic. This will also be discussed with tutors at the intensive study school(s). The course is essentially student centred.

Students will be allocated a supervisor and initially the supervisor will advise on the development and selection of issues and areas of study and also advise on the choice of methodology. Students will have continuous access to their supervisor via the internet and at study school sessions. Students will always be encouraged to maintain a regular contact with their supervisor throughout the timespan of the dissertation.
The 10,000 word research dissertation or work-based project will include a 1000 word critical reflection of their learning as it relates to the project and its place in practice. Also a 1000 word evaluation of the research and/or professional ethical considerations that arise will be included.

Throughout the texts there will be self-assessment questions [SAQs], which will be linked in to the student website, and these will allow the students to monitor their understanding of principles, procedure and practice as they progress through the material. The answers can be monitored by tutors and feedback given. Where practicable, SAQs will be interactive.

Students are required to provide a research proposal which is formatively assessed by the allocated supervisor.

Dissertation. 100% weighting. 10000 Words.

A piece of original research or work-based project on a health, safety, hygiene or environmental topic approved by the course tutor.

  • MSc. Safety, Health, Environment or Occupational Hygiene

    This Safety, Health & Environment / Occupational Hygiene postgraduate programme awarded by the University of Greenwich, is currently the only post-graduate programme offered locally that is accredited by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), UK. It covers various aspects of occupational safety, health and environment and graduates are eligible to apply for graduate membership with IOSH.

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    At SBCS we focus on:

    • Producing graduates who are capable of thinking critically, creatively and ethically.
    • Graduates who are team players with the ability to communicate persuasively.

    Highlights at a glance:

    • 2 years in duration; 8 modules and 1 Dissertation
    • Delivered online. 
    • IOSH Accredited - graduates can apply for graduate membership with IOSH
    • Assessment criteria - coursework only, 1 Final Dissertation 
    • Global Recognition and Portability
    • Expert Lecturers
  • BSc. (Hons) Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (Top-Up)

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    The BSc (Hons) Occupational Health, Safety and Environment extended final year top-up degree, awarded by the University of Greenwich, is structured to provide a viable option to graduates of:

    • Associate Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from COSTAATT
    • Associate Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Cipriani College
    • NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
    • Associate Degree in a Science or Engineering discipline & SBCS GLI Fundamentals to Health Safety and the Environment

    Don't possess one of the above qualifications?
    Would you like to change your discipline of study to a more relevant field in the current environment?

    If you possess an Associate Degree in a different discipline, access our bridging programme Fundamentals to Health Safety and the Environment and gain direct entry to the BSc (Hons) Occupational Safety Health and Environment

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    Highlights at a glance -

    • Extended Final Year (Top-up) 2 years in duration
    • IOSH Accredited (Global Recognition and Portability)
    • Graduates will be eligible to apply for Graduate Membership from IOSH.
    • Expert Lecturers

    At SBCS we focus on -.

    • Producing graduates who are capable of thinking critically, creatively and ethically.
    • Graduates who are team players with the ability to communicate persuasively.