Course Brief

It’s vital that business managers have a good grasp of economic principles. This course will help business executives to predict changes in market conditions, understand competitive forces and allocate resources efficiently.

  • 50 - 60 Contact Hours
Topics covered
  • Economic concepts, issues and tools.
  • An overview of economics, demand and supply.
  • The market, economic efficiency, organisation of industries.
  • Public goods, externalities, income distribution.
  • International sector, macroeconomics.
  • Income distribution, potential output, circular flow of income.
  • A simple model of income determination.
  • An expanded model of income determination.
  • Fiscal policy, money, the central bank and monetary policy.
  • The quantity theory and the Keynesian theory of money.
  • Integration of the real and monetary sectors of the economy.
  • Inflation and unemployment, the world economy.