Course Brief

This course will give students an insight into the object-oriented approach to the design and implementation of software systems. The course also considers specific features of the programming language Java; in particular, graphical interfaces and event driven applications. The second part of the course is intended to give students the necessary background to understand the technical software aspects of how computers communicate across the internet. Students will be introduced to the underlying principles of client-server computing systems and will gain the required conceptual understanding, knowledge and skills to enable them to produce simple web-based computing systems in Java.

  • Introduction, Basic Java and Programming Concepts
  • Basic Programming Concepts – Control Flow, Loops, Methods
  • Objects, Using Objects, Reference vs Primitive Types, Garbage Collection
  • The Java Environment, Array List, Packages, Imports
  • Building Classes – Constructors, Instantiating Classes, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Super Classes and Sub-classes, Abstraction and Interfaces
  • Introduction to Graphical Programming – Swing Basics
  • Introduction to the Application Framework
  • Timers and Animation
  • Swing – Events, Drawing Graphics, Simple Animation, Building a Browser
  • Statics – Classes, Methods, Variables
  • Further Java Concepts: statics, Autoboxing, Dates
  • Exception Handling
  • Swing Building a Browser
  • Streams – Chracter and Byte Streams
  • Object Serialisation
  • Introduction to Network Programming
  • Further Network Programming
  • Multi Threaded applications
  • RMI
  • Applets
  • Introduction to Servlets, JSP and Web Applications

Lectures and tutorials.

Two coursework submissions.

One three-hour unseen written paper and coursework.

  • BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Systems (UoL)

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    • This programme provides an excellent preparation for a career as a computing or information systems professional.

    In order to obtain the BSc (Hons) in Computing and Information Systems, students will pursue:-

    • 8 core full modules
    • 6 electives (half modules)
    • Final Project

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