Course Brief

The aim of the course is to teach the necessary technical knowledge and skills to manage the content of enterprise-wide web sites and intranets, and to extend the student's knowledge and experience of managerial issues affecting the development of large-scale information and content management systems, including relevant legal, social, ethical and professional issues.

  • This course is offered in 60 hours
  1. Critically evaluate Quality Assurance in web-based Content Management Systems;
  2. Design and build an Enterprise Content Management System;
  3. Demonstrate ability to communicate clearly and effectively, in a range of forms, taking account of different audiences
  4. Demonstrate ability to work in a team with members from diverse backgrounds, and be able to evaluate the team’s performance and their own.

Information as a resource in large enterprises; Information Architecture of enterprise web sites and intranets; Security issues in Content Management Systems; Information Management Policies; Accessibility issues; Requirements specifications and Testing for Content Management; Relevant legal, social, ethical and professional issues.

Employability is enhanced by requiring students to solve problems independently. There is the opportunity to make sensible assumptions in real life scenarios and to reflect on skills gained and the impact of the proposed solution. There is a substantial written element in the assessment emphasizing clear formatting, spelling and grammar within a clear, well-reasoned narrative. Presentation skills and group working are also key to the assessment.

The lectures will focus on the issues affecting the design, development and management of large scale information and content management systems.

The tutorials will initially consist of exercises for students to complete to gain the necessary skills. After that, the tutorials will be team meetings with the tutor playing the role of the client.

The teams will need to meet several times a week outside lecture and tutorial times in order to complete the coursework, and students will need to contribute their own time in learning new skills and technologies and gaining knowledge as appropriate.

Coursework 1 – Individual coursework –  50%
Report to evaluate different Web Content Management Systems and their QA facilities and consider any legal, ethical, social or professional aspects

Coursework 2 – Group  coursework with an individual component 50%
Participate in a project team to produce a specified product. Individual team members will get a mark based on their contribution to the team effort.

  • BSc (Hons) Computing (Top-Up)



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    The University of Greenwich's BSc (Hons) Computing top-up degree with its newly developed specialisms in Computing (General), Information Systems or Networking, is structured to provide a final year top-up option to graduates of the:

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