Course Brief

This course will help you understand the theories, issues and tools of leadership. At course end, you will not only put yourself in a position to lead, you’ll have the tools at your disposal to develop leadership in your organisation.

  • 45-60 Contact Hours

Topics covered
  • Learning about leadership.
  • Trait theory of leadership.
  • Behaviour theory of leadership: what do effective leaders do?
  • Transformational theory of leadership: engaging hearts and minds.
  • Following.
  • Leadership: a cultural construction?
  • Gender and leadership.
  • Developing ethical behaviour in our leaders.
  • Leading individuals and teams: two distinct roles.
  • Leadership across the larger organisation.
  • Leadership development in a fast-changing world.
  • The development of leadership: tools and practices.
  • Strategic leadership.
  • Leadership and risk.
  • How is leadership studied?
  • A critical look at leadership.
  • The way forward: our learning and the application of our knowledge of leadership.