Course Brief

In order to be able to operate as a security practitioner or auditor, students must understand how to manage security within the organisation. The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge of methods for managing security to a recognised international standard e.g. ISO17799/ISO27001 and understand real-world issues that potential practitioners need to be aware of.

  • This course is offered in 60 hours

On completing this course successfully you will be able to:

  • Understand the need of creating/maintaining a security policy to ISO standards.
  • Understand computer-based crime and its impact on security.
  • Develop an understanding of management process of risk.
  • Critically appraise deployment of security procedures to ISO standards.
  • Understand and apply professional codes of conduct to scenarios.
  • Evaluate courses of action to solve problems in real-world security scenarios.

Security: Issues, threats and their impact.
Risk: Identification, analysis and handling.
Nature of Management: Leadership styles, management decision making.
Business Continuity: Contingency planning and disaster recovery.
Compliance with standards/the law/regulatory framework such as Information Security Policy: ISO27001 all sections, Computer Misuse legislation (UK, USA).
Professional and ethical codes of conduct: ISACA, BCS.

Self-study of materials provided via the course website – 20%

Lecture based learning of academic and practitioner concepts – 50%

Classroom based tutorial learning – 30%

Coursework – 50%
3000-4000 words.
Case Study Based.
Learning Outcome: F.

Examination – 50%
A 2 hour examination covering all aspects of the course.
Learning Outcomes: All

Pass mark – 50%