Course Brief

This unit aims to introduce students to wide range of creative disciplines associated with material exploration.

Twenty-first century art and design incorporates new technologies, new materials and processes as well as encapsulating traditional methods and crafts. The way in which materials are used in the conceptual development, through experimentation and in the production of finished work, may be both a method and a means. In this context, an understanding of material properties and their potential to drive different forms of production is critical to the development of coherent practice.

This unit encourages students to explore materials and form with a view to developing individual approaches to material practice. There is an emphasis on the development of a clear process and testing, through experimentation, to identify potential for future development.

Throughout this unit an interdisciplinary approach will give students the opportunity to explore different areas of the creative industries and to identify the role of material practice in their own, developing, awareness of practice.

  • This course is offered in 60 contact hours

By the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Explore historical and contemporary precedents in material practices.
  2. Develop an approach to material practice through experimentation and testing.
  3. Create a finished work, articulating a material practice for a selected context.
  4. Present a body of work that reflects both process and final outcome.

Unit level: 4
Credit value: 15