Course Brief

Professional Accountant, acts as the gateway syllabus into the professional level. It sets the other Essentials and Options papers into a wider professional, organisational, and societal context. The syllabus assumes essential technical skills and knowledge acquired at the Fundamentals level where the core technical capabilities will have been acquired, and where ethics, corporate governance, internal audit, control, and risk will have been introduced in a subject-specific context. The PA syllabus begins by examining the whole area of governance within organisations in the broad context of the agency relationship. This aspect of the syllabus focuses on the respective roles and responsibilities of directors and officers to organisational stakeholders and of accounting and auditing as support and control functions. The syllabus then explores internal review, control, and feedback to implement and support effective governance, including compliance issues related to decision-making and decision-support functions. The syllabus also examines the whole area of identifying, assessing, and controlling risk as a key aspect of responsible management.   Finally, the syllabus covers personal and professional ethics, ethical frameworks - and professional values - as applied in the context of the accountant's duties and as a guide to appropriate professional behaviour and conduct in a variety of situations.

  • This course is offered in 70 hours
  • Governance and responsibility
  • Internal control and review
  • Identifying and assessing risk
  • Controlling risk
  • Professional values and ethics