Course Brief

The dissertation represents the pinnacle of individual achievement on the programme.  It is a sophisticated way for students to demonstrate their abilities and the levels of comprehension and understanding that they have achieved.  The preparation of a dissertation enables students to use a range of skills that have been developed throughout the programme:  for example, the skills of enterprise and initiative required for thorough investigation and research into a chosen topic; the motivation and time management skills necessary to produce a substantive and organised piece of written work; and the ability to synthesise and integrate complex information. This course aims: (a) to provide students with an opportunity to carry out a critical, in-depth study in an area of particular interest to the student; (b) to introduce students to research methodology; (c) to encourage initiative and the investigative reading of background and source materials; (d) to practise discriminating selection of material and an ability to synthesise complex information; (e) to encourage students to develop the ability to integrate data and knowledge to provide an appropriate critical analysis; (f) to require students to manage their work effectively, by presenting a clearly defined major assignment to a deadline.

  • This course is offered in 45 hours

At the end of the successful completion of the course the student will have completed a submission in accordance with the course and thus fulfilled the opportunities outlined above.

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

(a) apply the process, the clarity of thought and analysis required, the investigative activities, and presentation of material and conclusions to other areas of knowledge and to other issues;
(b) benefit from the extension of their knowledge and experience in a particular subject area.

Introductory lectures/studio.  Consultations with dissertation supervisor.

Methods of AssessmentWord LengthWeighting %
Dissertation submission10,000100%


Dissertation Submission Breakdown:

WeightingOutline Details
15%Introduction and Rationale, Aims and Objectives /Hypothesis, Methodology. Clear and coherent identification of aims and objectives.  Clear and informative definition of topics/problem to be investigated.
30%Background knowledge and literature study. Data collection / selection. Extensive, appropriate and in-depth selection and review of background material.
30%Analysis and evaluation of data, information. Effective investigation of issue, critical analysis/evaluation of data/information
20%Presentation and discussion of results. Conclusions. Clear, logical and informative presentation of results.  Effective testing of objectives.  Effectiveness of conclusions;  clear explanation of significance of results, identification of any policy implications.
5%Process and preparation (see supervision record sheet)