Course Brief

On completion of the module students should be able to develop clear, integrated and compelling communication strategies and plans targeted to a range of organisational stakeholders. IMC has had considerable academic attention during the last 20 years. Students will be expected to develop an understanding of how and why the subject has developed. Traditional, integrated, interactive and relationship based communication approaches and techniques will be explored. Industry today is changing. Marketing Communications in particular has seen many changes in terms of technology and media developments, stakeholder expectations and the need to build relationships. Managing and implementing such visible and important management processes is a challenge.

  • 40 contact hours

Upon successful completion of this module, students will have:

K1 Critically appraised the concept of integrated marketing communications and how
this relates to other areas of marketing and business management
K2 Critically evaluated the key elements of the marketing communications mix
K3 Made appropriate recommendations on the use of integrated marketing communications concepts and practices

S1 Demonstrated the ability to apply the theories, concepts and techniques of marketing communications management