Course Brief

The focus of this seminar includes identifying the challenges and changes needed to make the transition from working as a supervisor to a manager.

Target Audience

New supervisors/managers, recently-promoted supervisors/managers, team leaders, peer leaders, employees considering management opportunities.


On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Provide feedback for desired performance
  • Manage conflict that inevitably occurs in the workplace
  • Learn their primary modes of operation when faced with conflict and will identify strategies to strengthen their less used modes

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  • Supervisory Management

    These courses will provide supervisory level personnel (supervisors, potential supervisors, and professional level staff) with knowledge and skills required for effectively carrying out their responsibilities. Participants will develop a personal awareness, as well as an awareness of the people, activities, and management issues involved in achieving results in a challenging and dynamic work environment. It concentrates on the leadership actions for developing a team but also includes the key management skills of decision making, problem solving, performance analysis, conflict management, motivation and presentation.