Course Brief

This module draws upon the skills and knowledge developed at Level 2. During this module the students will expand upon and further develop their moving camera skills and build upon their critical understanding of moving cameras, their images and the impact of those images. The impact of visuals in relation to story and narrative will be explored.

Through lectures, workshops, exercises, screenings and discussion, this module will expand upon the practical skills and theoretical understanding of the Steadicam, Track and Dollies, Jib Arm and other camera conveyances. Students will develop their critical awareness and understanding of conceptual issues and how these relate to their practical work.

Students will originate, develop, script, shoot and edit a 3-4 minute single camera production which will be shot entirely on the Moving Camera equipment.

  • 45

On successful completion of the module, students will have demonstrated:


  • Wide-ranging, specialised knowledge of research and production techniques in relation to the moving camera
  • An understanding of how meaning is created through visuals and their influence upon narrative
  • An understanding of the creative decision making process in video production


  • Command of wide ranging, specialised technical, creative and/or conceptual skills by developing and broadening their practical skills in working with a moving camera;
  • The ability to develop a short video project from original concept to final product shot entirely on the moving camera equipment
  • The ability to formulate appropriate responses to resolve well defined and abstract problems by critically evaluating their individual role in working with a moving camera within the wider context of industry norms and constraints.

There will be a combination of lectures, screenings, writing workshops, writing exercises, tutorials and a group critique.

  • BA (Hons) Mass Communications (Top-Up)

    The SBCS Centre for Media, Communication & Design in collaboration with the University of Sunderland is pleased to offer you a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Mass Communications. Be part of our next intake scheduled to start in October 2021. This final year of an undergraduate degree (Top-Up programme) can be earned in eighteen months.

    With this programme, students will gain understanding of new media, cultural theory and popular culture, and acquire new skills in media studies.

    On the practical side, modules such as Moving Camera II & Advanced Digital Post Production will focus on developing students’ video production skills.