Course Brief

Unit Aim
The unit aims to help learners to make key decisions in the management of software development project,  including how to work with requirements, how to recognise appropriate designs, and choosing methods of to test software.


Unit Overview
This unit is designed for learners seeking a career in computing and information systems. It will equip learners with the knowledge and skills to develop software. Learners will learn how to manage a software development project, making use of a software development life cycle and UML use case diagram. Learners will also produce a test plan, giving consideration to the benefits of black-box or white-box methods.

Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this unit, the learner will:
1. Evaluate the suitability of a programming paradigm to a task
2. Analyse how to work with software requirements
3. Apply design patterns to object-orientated software design
4. Evaluate methods of testing software
5. Apply pseudo code to the description of operations on fundamental data structures