Course Brief

Unit Aim
This unit aims to introduce learners to a broad range of determinants of health and to take an in-depth look at three key topics: air pollution, nutrition, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). These form the foundation for much public health work in practice. Without the fundamentals of clean air, water and nutrition communities are at high risk of ill health.


Unit Overview
It introduces learners to the concepts of health, disability, illness, injury and mental ill health. This leads to an overview of the determinants of health which are categorised as social/economic, environmental and personal. A more detailed consideration of air pollution enables the learners to build their understanding of the impact of this environmental hazard on health. The section on undernutrition and obesity highlights the challenges of both for public health and prompts consideration of the differences between low income and high income countries. By studying water, sanitation and hygiene, learners will be able to understand the key public health requirement for clean water and living conditions.


Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this unit, the learner will:
1. Describe different types of ill health and injury
2. Explain factors which are ‘determinants of health’
3. Assess the impact of air pollution on health
4. Analyse the impact of undernutrition and obesity on the development of ill health
5. Explain how water and sanitation impact health