Programme Brief

Emotional intelligence (EI) entails the adeptness to identify and regulate our emotions, behaviours, and impulses, while also leveraging this insight in our interactions with the world. It fosters self-awareness, intrinsic drive, and a broad-minded approach to understanding diverse viewpoints. By fostering effective and genuine communication, EI leads to constructive relationships in both personal and organizational settings.
EI is a trainable skill that enhances personal and professional accomplishments. The "Cultivating Your Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Personal and Professional Growth " course equips participants with the means to manage emotions, navigate complexities, and engage in empathetic communication.
Once deemed optional, Emotional Intelligence has evolved into a critical competency and indispensable life skill for contemporary living and professional endeavours.


An e-certificate will be issued at the end.

In this online series of six, two-hour sessions each, participants will learn how to:

1. Define Emotional Intelligence and understand its significance.
2. Identify the components that comprise Emotional Intelligence.
3. Discover techniques for mastering emotional regulation.
4. Effectively manage conflicts and nurture interpersonal relationships.
5. Harness Emotional Intelligence to foster resilience and surmount challenges.
6. Identify strategies for implementing emotional intelligence within professional settings.


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Online26-Jun-2431-Jul-24Wednesdays5:30 pm – 7:30 pmTT$150.00 / US$23.00TT$1,500.00 / US$230.00


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