Course Brief

The primary objective of the AutoCAD 2020: 3D Drawing and Modeling (Level 3) course is to teach students the most efficient commands necessary for professional 3D drawings. AutoCAD users sometimes are not aware of the 3D capabilities of AutoCAD, so they end up using other software (such as 3ds Max or Maya) to build 3D models, create lights and materials, and create still rendered images and animation. This course clears up this misunderstanding as well as introduces the real power of AutoCAD in 3D.

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  • This course is offered in 30 hours

The following is a list of topics that will be covered during this programme:

  • AutoCAD 2020 3D Basics
  • Creating Solids
  • Creating Meshes
  • Creating Surfaces
  • Creating Complex Solids & Surfaces
  • Solid Editing Commands
  • 3D Modifying Commands
  • Converting and Sectioning
  • Printing in 3D and Creating 3D DWF Files
  • Cameras and Lights
  • Materials, Rendering, Visual Styles and Animation


Please note that all information given above is subject to change without prior notice.