Course Brief

The AutoCAD 2020: Essentials and Intermediate (Level 1) course incorporates the features, commands and techniques for creating, editing and printing drawings. Hands-on exercises throughout the course explore how to create 2D production drawings.

The AutoCAD Certified User exam is included in AutoCAD 2020 - Essentials and Intermediate (Level 1).

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  • This course is offered in 30 hours

The following is a list of topics that will be covered during this programme:

  • Navigating through the User Interface
  • Creating Basic Drawings
  • Manipulating Objects
  • Implementing Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
  • Altering Objects
  • Annotate a Drawing
  • Dimension Drawings
  • Hatching Objects
  • Creating Additional Drawing Objects and work on Projects
  • Plotting the Drawing Output