Course Brief

The aim of Delivering Successful business Projects course is to equip students with the necessary skills to conceive of, plan, control and deliver projects, for enabling successful realisation of business objectives, through the use of the practical framework of project management. 

  • 50 - 60 Contact Hours

On completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Explain the principles, concepts, theory and future trends of modern project management;
  • Critically analyse and evaluate complex business problems to propose robust and sustainable project based solutions;
  • Demonstrate an applied understanding of project management skills to address issues and enable strategic benefits realisation;
  • Demonstrate an ability to implement the plan, manage change and successfully achieve project objectives;
  • Show critical awareness of and the ability to apply current project management tools and techniques to plan a project based solution;
  • Proactively assess and manage business systems improvements;
  • Implement and realise a single definable project solution, by balancing multiple, sometime conflicting, objectives in ways that are accountable and achievable; and
  • Propose appropriate solutions for managing multidisciplinary stakeholders and complex scenarios under conditions of risk, uncertainty and change.

The course is assessed by final examination, accounting for 100% of the overall mark. The exam is closed book. A case study will be released to students prior to the exam. There is no choice in the selection of questions to be answered.

The paper is in two sections:

  1. 20 Multiple choice questions each worth 2 marks. 40%
  2. 4 short essay based questions each worth 5 marks,
    based on scenarios.                                                                                     20%
  • 2 essay based question each worth 20 marks,
    based on a pre-read case study.                                                             40%