Course Brief

International Marketing provides an approach and framework for identifying and analyzing the key cultural and environmental characteristics of any nation or global region and highlights the importance of viewing international marketing management from a global perspective.

This course is available for purchase through SBCS GLI until January 2022. Examinations are available until August 2023.

  • 45-60 Contact Hours

Topics covered
  • The scope and challenge of international marketing.
  • The dynamics of international business.
  • Geography and history: the foundations of cultural understanding.
  • Cultural dynamics in international marketing.
  • Business customs and practices in international marketing.
  • The international political and legal environment.
  • Researching international markets.
  • Emerging markets and market behaviour.
  • Multinational market regions and market groups.
  • International marketing strategies.
  • International market entry strategies.
  • Exporting, managing and logistics.
  • Developing consumer products for international markets.
  • Marketing industrial products and business services.
  • The international distribution system.
  • International advertising, promotion and personal selling.
  • Pricing for international markets.