Course Brief

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the significance of professionalism
  • Discuss techniques for enhancing their professionalism
  • Discuss and outline what constitutes a ‘good’ reputation
  • List the key questions of reputation
  • Demonstrate the ability to craft and build their own professional reputation

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  • Being a Professional - Developing and Managing your Reputation

    This programme will enable participants to distinguish professionalism and reputation as the currencies of an upwardly mobile and successful career. Participants will be able to take the steps to begin building and managing their own professional image and reputation. They will learn what other professionals value (like making and keeping commitments) and why, powerful requests, and standards of care.

    Target Audience

    This course is intended for students and individuals already in the workforce, however, unemployed persons would find the content very relevant as well as anyone who wants to understand the intangibles that go into building a successful career or business.

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