Course Brief

The main focus of Career Professional Practice is to enhance students’ immediate and sustainable employability. The
course aims to develop understanding and apply theoretical approaches to employability and career management. The course will develop a range of relevant personal skills and attributes that will enable students to gain entry into
respective professional and managerial labour market within a local and/or global context. It will also increase a sense
of professionalism among students by enhancing their relationship management skills, commitment to continuing
professional development and reflective practice.

  • This course is offered in 30 hours
  1. Critically assess a range of profiling techniques to increase self-awareness as well as create a unique, value-added personal brand statement and market this to potential employees in the graduate marketplace.
  2. Develop relational management approaches including the cultivation and maintenance of formal and informal relationships within and outside the university.
  3. Appreciate professional and ethical practice including continuous professional development and reflective practice in the field of HRM and Business Management.
  4. Research and report trends in graduate employment and in selected industries both locally and globally as well as evaluate theoretical perspectives of career management.
  5. Apply recruitment and selection processes most commonly used by employers, relative to current and future labour market conditions as well as employ and assess job search techniques including CV formulation and application letters.
  • Theoretical perspectives of career management.
  • Personal profiling including self-assessment and personal branding.
  • Commercial awareness to include comparative industry, job sector and job role analysis, employer needs and expectations and achieving personal environment fit.
  • Relationship management involving networking, teambuilding, emotional and cultural intelligence.
  • Career management including application and selection processes. The application process features CVs, online applications, social media, letters of application, application forms. The selection process includes face-to-face interviews and assessment centres.
  • Professionalism together with engagement with professional bodies and reflective practice to facilitate continuing professional development.

The course combines a range of teaching and learner-centred activities such as face to face lectures and workshops, facilitated by the course tutor.

Online portfolio

  • BA (Hons) Business Management with specialism in Marketing

    This inter-disciplinary degree programme provides a rigorous grounding in business management by developing
    your understanding of key aspects of organisations. You will develop a detailed awareness of organisational
    behaviour, human resource management, business functions, regulatory frameworks, business ethics, international
    business and cultures, entrepreneurship and strategic management. You will acquire people and management skills
    as well as developing your analytical skills, your capacity for critical judgement and your ability to make reasoned
    choices between alternative solutions.

    At SBCS we focus on -

    • Producing graduates who are capable of thinking critically, creatively and ethically.
    • Graduates who are team players with the ability to communicate persuasively.

    Highlights at a glance -

    • Final Year (Top-up)
    • Global Recognition
    • Excellent Facilities and Administrative Support
    • Expert Lecturers