Course Brief

Unit Abstract

The aim of this unit is to develop and provide students with a holistic understanding of construction practice and management processes. Students will investigate and research the modern construction industry, both from the practical skills embedded within the industry through to its linkage with development on-site and the connection with construction management; including roles within the industry.

The unit compares and investigates small, medium and large construction companies within the market place and how construction processes, for development, have evolved.

Students will also explore how health & safety has evolved within the industry,including how the major stakeholders, from companies to site operatives, have embedded health & safety into their preferred areas of development and careers. In addition, students will explore Building Information Modelling and how it fits into construction processes/sequences ranging from domestic to large-scale and design
and build projects.

The knowledge from this unit will provide students with the understanding of modern construction and management; the skills, management of people and projects, and how health & safety have changed the perception of the construction industry.


  • This course is offered in 45 hours.