Course Brief


To support the development of marketing students into autonomous learners and independent thinkers. To enable future managers to engage with leading-edge theory in a positive and open minded way. To enable them to envisage the impact of current and future trends on the role and implementation of Marketing. To encourage further research and enquiry into the 'edges' of discipline.

  • This course is offered in 60 hours

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

  1. Understand a range of more complex contemporary issues relating to Marketing.
  2. Appreciate the potential effects of an ethical stance in marketing.
  3. Be able to present persuasively debate verbally and in written format, and manage collaborative learning relationship with peers and academic staff.
  4. Be able to assess the impact of new theory, technology and practice on the discipline of
  5. Develop skills in the research, collection and evaluation of academic sources.
  6. Be able to interpret theory and information – including some that have origins in different
    fields and traditions of research and theory – and to develop original concepts and theory.

The subject content is summarised above and is approached in such a way as to encourage deep, reflective learning that acknowledges the contentious nature of much contemporary theory. As indicated above the content is focussed on current issues. The course will be structured around academic materials made available either as hard copy or online and introduced by tutors and by students themselves.

Lectures and tutorials

Written essay and exam

  • BA (Hons) Business Management with specialism in Marketing

    This inter-disciplinary degree programme provides a rigorous grounding in business management by developing
    your understanding of key aspects of organisations. You will develop a detailed awareness of organisational
    behaviour, human resource management, business functions, regulatory frameworks, business ethics, international
    business and cultures, entrepreneurship and strategic management. You will acquire people and management skills
    as well as developing your analytical skills, your capacity for critical judgement and your ability to make reasoned
    choices between alternative solutions.

    At SBCS we focus on -

    • Producing graduates who are capable of thinking critically, creatively and ethically.
    • Graduates who are team players with the ability to communicate persuasively.

    Highlights at a glance -

    • Final Year (Top-up)
    • Global Recognition
    • Excellent Facilities and Administrative Support
    • Expert Lecturers